Many of the evacuees that I have interviewed since 2008 have told me about the

air raids that they endured on the British mainland.

Today’s post marks the anniversary of the horrific Coventry Blitz which took place

on 14 and 15 November 1940

The Alexandre family had been evacuated from Guernsey to England in June 1940

just days before German forces occupied their island. I interviewed their daughter

Anne, who described their experiences in Coventry during the Blitz.

‘My family were initially evacuated to Stockport but we soon moved to Coventry
because there was plenty of work there for my Dad, and we were assured it was

safe as houses’.

Just a few months later, my brother and I were walking along the street, on our

way back from the chip shop. Suddenly a German aircraft appeared overhead

and began to machine gun the street! I could see the stones flying out of the wall and

all the bullets – he was flying so low that I could see him grinning. My brother and I

dived into a garden to escape the bullets, and were very upset that we had crushed our

chips in the process!

Later, my family were all at home when another raid began – all these bombs were
coming down thicker and faster, that was the worst night of the Coventry Blitz.
Suddenly there was a very close bomb and the conservatory doors blew in.

My family moved from Coventry, and eventually ended up back in Stockport where
my father, Jim, joined the Essential Works Department, building airfields.’

To find out more facts about the Coventry Blitz, go to:

To find out more about the Guernsey Evacuation to England, go to:

Anne is pictured below with her mother and two friends – this image was taken in

Guernsey just before the evacuation to England

Ruth alexandre and anne just before evac with dulcie sackettt and son michael

My new book, Britain’s Wartime Evacuees, was published on December 12, 2016 (stories from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar)

My history books can be found here:


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