About Gillian Mawson

I am a postgraduate of the University of Manchester, and now a freelance historian with a real interest in oral history. I was born in Stockport, Cheshire.

In 2008, I discovered that, in 1940, 17,000 Guernsey evacuees had fled their homes to England, just days before Germany occupied the Channel Islands. Importantly, over 2,000 of them arrived in my home town of Stockport. I began to interview hundreds of Guernsey evacuees about their wartime lives in northern England, and in 2012 produced my first book, ‘Guernsey Evacuees: The Forgotten Evacuees of the Second World War’ (History Press)

I organise evacuation events in Guernsey and Manchester and was named joint ‘Guernsey Ambassador of the Year’ in 2011. I set up a blog about WW2 evacuation and joined twitter and facebook to share my research. People from all over Britain and Europe began to send their evacuation stories to me.

During 2013 I gathered 100 of these stories and photographs for my book ‘Evacuees: Children’s Lives on the World War 2 Home Front’ (published September 2014 by Pen & Sword books)

I am currently writing another book about Second World War Evacuation in Britain, for Pen and Sword books, containing personal testimony, wartime newspaper reports and government reports. Each chapter concentrates on a particular theme of evacuation. It will be published in late 2016. Updates will be posted at this link  https://evacueesofworldwartwo.wordpress.com/

I also run a community group to empower Guernsey evacuees living in northern England to share their wartime memories, documents and photographs with the public. We organise events around Greater Manchester and have created a Channel Islands evacuation archive in England. I have worked with the BBC and other bodies on TV and radio documentaries and worked with museums and schools to develop educational materials and evacuation events.

My Guernsey Evacuation blog can be found at:


To find out more about my community group of evacuees & events, see:




You can read part of my Guernsey Evacuees book for free at Amazon:


You can contact me privately via the comments box below:


One thought on “About Gillian Mawson

  1. Hello Gillian
    I’m working in Alderney, leading a two year States funded Wildlife & Heritage project called Living Islands. I’m really keen to involve the local community in our work and I’m getting a lot of support for the idea of celebrating the 75th anniversary of Alderney’s evacuation, and the 70 years since Homecoming, in 2015.
    I would very much appreciate a chat about your research and especially the oral history element, if you have time.

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